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Currently, Dr Terry K Czigan, CLO and Head Coach of Czigan Family Consulting, is about to blast the go-live announcement for her new blog, Trailblazing Middle Managers. This blog grew out of the seminars Dr TC has delivered during the past two months and is meant to be a collaborative site for Middle Managers to share best practices, resources, and ways they are "blazing the trail for the next generation." Click in and read what's blazing: http://trailblazingmiddlemanagers.blogspot.com.

On April 11, 2011, Dr TC delivered a one-hour, interactive seminar based on her dissertation research for the Research-to-Practice Day at the national conference of the International Society for Performance Improvement (see www.ispi.org) in Orlando. The session, entitled "Succession Planning from the Middle Up!," presented a short overview of the dissertation research study she developed to determine how leadership skills in Middle Managers can be improved when they're coached according to their temperament and leadership competencies based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to:

Dr TC also conducted the workshop for the Central Florida Chapter of ASTD in Orlando , the Suncoast chapter of ASTD in Tampa, and the Tampa Bay Chapter of ISPI, delivering this seminar to almost 100 training and performance professionals in all.

Dr. Czigan is a Senior Instructional Designer with General Dynamics Information Technology in Orlando, Florida. She has been involved with long-term design projects for the Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance, the US Navy Seabees, and the Veteran’s Benefit Administration. The courses have been both instructor-led and web-based training and have involved extensive pre-design analysis work. Learn more about Dr. Czigan on Linked In.

Dr TC is developing  a small group coaching series entitled “The Virtual Entrepreneur Experience” with a planned go-live later in 2011. Through this virtual small group, entrepreneurs will find what areas of their small business they are most, and least, comfortable with--plus, they will end up with their own customized business plan at the end of the 8-week course. Watch for coming details.

In addition to her responsibilities at General Dynamics IT, Dr TC has designed marriage enrichment seminars and retreats for Czigan Family Consulting which she and her husband, the Rev. Paul B. Czigan, have delivered, both in the U.S. and in Ecuador, under the auspices of their former bi-lingual congregation, Church for the Nations (CFTN)/Iglesia para las Naciones. Dr. Czigan was Director of Education at CFTN and wrote a special curriculum to incorporate everyone equally, the Intergenerational Education Experience (IE2), which was launched in the spring of 2008 and was conducted until Summer of 2009. During their work with CFTN, Dr TC also assisted with counseling, prayer, administration, and occasional preaching. Paul and Terry currently worship at La Iglesia Alianza Cristiana y Misionera in their neighborhood and Congregation Gesher Shalom, a Messianic Synagogue in Orlando.

Dr. Czigan earned her PhD from the School of Education at Capella University, specializing in the area of Training and Performance Improvement. Her dissertation, Combining Coaching and Temperament: Implications for Middle Management Leadership Development (available at www.amazon.com) centered on the administration and results of a coaching program she specifically designed for middle managers. The program combined coaching (by phone over a three-state area) with the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award leadership competencies, content from the best leadership gurus in the industry, and multi-rater feedback. After participating in the program, observers of the middle manager participants documented a 17% to 60% increase in the use of the coached leadership competencies.

Other projects in Dr. Czigan’s doctoral work included the design of a new member church orientation program for secular new believers, design and presentation of various soft skill training workshops for a local workforce agency, and partnering with the housekeeping department of a local hotel to increase efficiency and retention of housekeeping personnel.

Terry’s background encompasses administrative, ecclesiastical, and military areas. As an administrator, she has worked with A. B. Dick Company, Boise Cascade International Paper, and the Disney Institute, where she was nominated twice for Disney’s Partners in Excellence award. As Literacy Coordinator for the Lake County Library System, she was able to streamline the adult and baby literacy programs at 12 libraries to be able to more effectively reach families in need of literacy services.

Rev. Czigan has ministered to civilian churches in Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida. As a chaplain in the US Navy for 12 years, she served in base chapels in Philadelphia and Jacksonville, Florida. On board the USS CANOPUS, AS-34, a submarine tender that 1500 sailors called home, Chaplain Czigan ministered to the spiritual and counseling needs of the crew along with being Family Advocacy Program liaison and the ship’s Librarian. At the enrichment retreat command serving the southeast, CREDO Mayport (Florida), she designed, delivered, and facilitated over 40 retreats along with weekly follow-up meetings, team training events, and was the administrative officer and assistant contracting officer.

Dr TC holds local and national memberships and volunteers in various capacities in the Central Florida Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) (2008, early 2009 Vice President of Finance; Election Chair, 2007, 2009, 2010), the Tampa Bay Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement, the Orlando branch of the American Society for Quality (Certified Quality Improvement Associate), the Florida Literacy Coalition, and is former board secretary and current advisory board member for Literacy Florida! Inc.

Dr. Czigan attended Eastern Illinois University and received her BA from Valparaiso University with a double major in psychology and theology, plus a minor in biblical Greek. She earned a Masters of Divinity degree, with a concentration in practical theology, from the combined schools of Christ Seminary/Seminex and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. She was subsequently ordained a minister of the Gospel in 1985 by the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, a predecessor synod of the current Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, where she held rostered status until 2009. Dr TC is currently seeking certification as a Consecrated Worker through the Southeastern District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

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