Terry Czigan

Paul is a retired US Navy chaplain and husband to Terry Czigan. It is a bi-cultural marriage: he is from Texas and she from Chicago, he an adrenalin junkie and she is rooted in logic and certainty. Life is fun and always interesting. Click here to learn more about Paul on Linkedin.

As an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor, Paul currently earns a living as an Analyst for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice in the Bureau of Quality Assurance, while serving as an FDLE certified trainer teaching Use of Force and de-escalation skills and Red Cross basic First Aid and CPR. Other subjects he has taught in the past include life guarding, wilderness survival, team building, low and high ropes adventure challenges and conflict intervention techniques.

From 2005 to early 2010, Rev. Czigan was pastor of Church for the Nations (CFTN)/Iglesia para las Naciones, a bi-lingual congregation of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Kissimmee. Weekly preaching, worship, counseling, and evangelism were a regular part of his schedule. In his pastoral career, he has conducted over 50 marriage, personal, spiritual, and team-building retreats on three continents and been a speaker at seminars and conferences on domestic violence, alcohol and the church, and a wide variety of family related topics. Since his marriage to Terry, they often minister together.

Just prior to working for the State of Florida, Paul assisted in managing a campus of 92 adjudicated youth for eight years. During that time, he was responsible for establishing a clinical therapy team, hiring, discipline, and training of staff. Leadership assignments included management of a 27-bed Moderate Risk Program, a 17-bed Intensive High Risk program, and a 40-bed Moderate Risk Substance Abuse Program.

Aside from the above, at one time or another Paul has earned a living as a cowboy, dairyman, newspaper boy, dishwasher, short order cook and sales including doughnuts, burial plots, and new Dodge cars (which would now qualify for collector’s tags!). He enjoys wilderness cooking and camping, hiking, sailing, scuba diving and climbing (rocks, walls, and trees). Paul's organizational memberships include the American Society for Quality and the American Society for Trainng + Develoment.

Paul is a ’69 graduate of Toccoa Falls College and ’74 graduate of Biblical Theological Seminary. He completed a graduate residency in Clinical Pastoral Counseling (including three graduate quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education [CPE]) at the Naval School of Health Science. The residency included an invitation-only participation in the Kennedy Institute of Bio-Ethics at Georgetown University in 1988. He has also attained certification as a Facilitator, Critical Incident Stress Management/Debriefing (CISM/D).

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